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Postdoctoral Associates:

Ryan Kirkbride (June 2013)
(Postdoctoral Fellow)
PhD (Plant Biology) University of California, Davis

Research Interests: Epigenomic regulation of seed development in Arabidopsis and Cotton.

Qingxin Song (May 2013)
(Postdoctoral Fellow)
PhD (Genetics), Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Research Interest: Genetic and epigenetic mechanisms for gene expression changes in Arabidopsis and cotton allopolyploids.

Andan Zhu (December 2015)
(Research Fellow)
PhD (Plant Genetics, 2012), Huazhong Agricultural University

Research Interest: Computational biology of hybrid corn and polyploid cotton genomics.

Graduate Students:

Dae Kwan Ko
Ph.D. student (September 2009, Plant Biology)

Research Interests: Molecular mechanism of growth vigor in hybrid and polyploid plants (maize and Arabidopsis), especially by circadian clock regulation.

Tienyu Huang
PhD student (August 2012, Cellular and Molecular Biology)

Research Interests: Genetic and epigenetic regulation of gene expression in Arabidopsis polyploids. 

Hui Ge
PhD Student (August 2014, Plant Biology)

Research Interest: Contribution of circadian regulation to heterosis in Maize hybrid.

Thomas M. Johnson
PhD Student (May 2013, Cellular and Molecular Biology)

Research Interest: The contribution of gene regulation by small RNAs on hybrid vigor.

Atsumi Ando
PhD Student (September 2014, Plant Biology)

Research Interest: Heterosis in Arabidopsis and fiber development in tetraploid cotton.

Viviana June  (November 2015)
PhD Student (Cellular and Molecular Biology)

Research Interest: Molecular mechanisms of hybrid vigor during embryo development.


Undergraduate Students:

Dylan Suchich (September 2015)

Undergraduate student, Neurobiology
Lab research assistant

Sara Cornett (September 2014)

Undergraduate Student, Biology
Lab research assistant